I started PokeKingShop in 2019 selling Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards in my free time. I continued to run and grow my small business, and eventually expanded into selling Pokemon cards which is what I primarily focus on now. 


In November 2020 I created an Instagram to showcase my collection and connect with like-minded collectors who share the same passion for Pokemon like I do. During this same time I was approached by a live-auction platform called Whatnot to partner up and help them grow their collectibles marketplace given my large inventory of highly sought after and rare vintage Pokemon items. As one of the first sellers on the app I played a big role in expanding the interest for trading cards and continue to sell on the platform to this day - if you click here you can participate in my live auctions! With over 21,000 confirmed sales there is no better place to shop, so be sure to check my profile out! 


In March 2022, I was approached by another live stream shopping platform called NTWRK to partner together and once again expand their newly added trading card category.

While I have created a large presence on both live stream shopping platforms, you will find more frequent auctions on whatnot. Besides that, I sell my various products here on my website and Instagram. To learn more about me and see more of my work, you can find me on Instagram @pokekingshop

In January 2023, I decided to grow my streaming team and now you will find more consistent auctions and better variety on my website!